Heat Transfer

Great for Special Events, Short Runs, and Quick Turnaround!

Unleash your creativity with our heat transfer and vinyl pressing services! Ideal for short runs, low quantities, and rush orders, our services extend to all types of custom apparel, providing the perfect solution for various occasions.

  • Capture the Moment: A great way to remember special events and celebrations.
  • Humorous Apparel: Transform funny quotes, jokes or whimsical designs into wearable art.
  • Unique Textures: Including velvet, felt, glow in the dark, metallic, sparkle, puffy and more.

Whether planning a special event, seeking quality custom apparel for local businesses and teams, or just looking to express your unique style, Okanagan T-Shirt Company is your go-to partner for all custom apparel needs. Contact us today and turn your ideas into wearable expressions on t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, bags, and more!

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